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The Flora~Bama is a legendary road house bar located on Perdido Key right at the Alabama / Florida state line.

The local usually refer to the FloraBama as the 'Bama. And there is just about always something happening at the 'Bama. Live music every day of the year. Sometimes great music, sometimes, so-so, and sometimes quite outrageous. The Florabama has many, many weekends that are special events. During these speical weekends there is often music in two or three different  locations in the rambling honky-tonk.

One of the biggest events of the year is in the Spring---The Interstate Mullet Toss. This is where folks pay good money to throw a dead fish across the state line to see who can throw one the furthest. It is held in April and is always a weekend of fabulous beach weather, live music, great food and lots of 'carrying-on'.
See our 2004 photos on this page
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florabama-building-front.jpg (18536 bytes)

It is hard to believe what lies behind the scruffy little looking building located on Beach Blvd right at the Florida and Alabama state line.

florabama-sign.jpg (22806 bytes)

On the day of the Interstate Mullet Toss, the traffic is backed up way into both Florida and Alabama in front of the Florabama as people come from allover to both participate int eh Mullet Toss Contest and watch those who compete..

flora-bama-compound.jpg (49460 bytes)
The Florabama is really a compound of assembled indoor and outdoor decks, tents, walkways, and the older package store and multi-level interior bar, stages, pool room and bathrooms. This photo from Mullet Toss 2004 shows just how many people came thru the FloraBama to both the bar areas and the beach surrounding the official toss area.

florabama-mullet-toss-area.jpg (18489 bytes)
Meanwhile, out on the beach, an area is set aside for the actual tossing of dead fish across the State Line.

flora-bama-mullet-toss-guy.jpg (24670 bytes)
You can see this fellows fish in front of the lower part of the scoreboard as it flies through the air.

florabama-mullet-toss-girl.jpg (26945 bytes)
Here is a girl in the act of tossing !

florabama-mullet-toss-measure.jpg (31494 bytes)
Measurements of distance thrown are carefully made and recorded.

fl-al-state-line.jpg (23530 bytes)
The goal is to throw the fish across the state line.

mullet-toss-crowds-center.jpg (54054 bytes)
Behind the Mullet Tossing area, are plenty of folks just out for a day of sun and fun.
mullet-toss-crowds-beach-all.jpg (29635 bytes)
As you can see, we are talking about a pretty big crowd here for this event. There is a Miss Bikini Contest in addition to the Mullet Toss.

mullet-toss-motorcycles.jpg (30688 bytes)
Lots of motorcycles are parked in various designated areas.

flora-bama-police.jpg (21602 bytes)
There are plenty of law enforcement
officers out on the street in front to help control traffic, but even standing and working in the  hot sun all day, they all seemed to be in a jovial mood, both FL & AL. We were in a '74 Volkswagen Thing and one of them yelled at us "Get that THING off the road" and laughed. We did and against all odds were able to pull into the front parking lot directly in front of the Florabama.

florabama-parking-lot.jpg (41424 bytes)
See the THING in front of the bright port-a-potty in the foreground. As we looked on, a fellow obviously thought our car made a nice resting spot, so I took his photo from afar.
Good camera  zoom, huh? :o)
volkswagon-thing-florabama-parking.jpg (15099 bytes)

mullet-toss-barbque.jpg (29630 bytes)
The food both inside the Florabama and outside on the street is great.
mullet-toss-food-stand.jpg (25686 bytes)
These ladies were putting together some killer BBQ sandwiches covered with grilled
onions and peppers. Casual atmosphere and little concern for plastic gloves after making change, hair nets, or any of those bothersome health dept rules. Our sandwich was so fantastic, we started to drive home but turned the car off and went back for another.

florabama-traffic-alabama.jpg (22838 bytes)
All day the traffic heading to the Florabama from both the Alabama side (above) and the Florida side (below) was bumper to bumper. We had a water-gun onboard for our own ammusement as we inched along, squirting swim suit clad pedestrians walking back to their cars parked along the side of the highway.
florabama-traffic-florida.jpg (27620 bytes)

And it is not just the youth of the South that are here for the Flora~Bama Mullet Toss, this grey haired fellow waiting to cross the road was eyeing two ladies about his own age in front of him. This event is for all ages.
florabama-babes.jpg (33855 bytes)

florida-welcome-sign.jpg (32732 bytes)
Next year, "Do it on the Line" at the Flora~Bama Annual Mullet Toss

Florida is a Sunshine State of Mind at the World Famous FloraBama

See the FloraBama 2006 Photos




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